These are repro­duc­tions of my new­est work which were exhib­ited at Haven Studio, 316 West Yellowstone, Casper, Wyoming.

I am pleased to offer them for sale, each in a lim­ited edi­tion of 100 sil­ver-gelat­in prints. Once the last pho­to­graph has been sold, I will not make a sil­ver-gelat­in print of it, in any size or fin­ish, again.

I have hand-prin­ted each of these pho­to­graphs on tra­di­tion­al sil­ver-gelat­in, fibre-based, baryta, pho­to­graph­ic (light-sens­it­ive) paper, toned in sel­en­i­um, and pro­cessed to archiv­al stand­ards. No digit­al tech­no­logy, or com­puters, have been used in the mak­ing of these prints. I per­man­ently dry-mount each print to a 4‑ply 16 × 20” (or lar­ger) museum-grade mat board. I have writ­ten an essay It’s All About the Print, which details my approach to mount­ing, mat­ting, and oth­er aspects of print present­a­tion.

Please sub­scribe to my news­let­ter, so that I can let you know when new images become avail­able.

If you are inter­ested in buy­ing one of my pho­to­graphs, please con­tact me, or the gal­lery, or use the large shop­ping bas­ket but­ton, shown next to the light bulb, just above the image.

6 Responses to Gallery

  1. James Rosr ·

    Like your prints very much! Would like to see them up close. I have also taken work­shop with John — keep up the Good work!!!!!!

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Thank you, James, very kind words. You have some beau­ti­ful images on your site, too. Thanks for shar­ing.

  2. Russ Barnard ·

    Stunningly beau­ti­ful work! Came from a link of your work bio, found myself mes­mer­ized by these works of art.

  3. Martin Harwar ·

    Ah, the multi-tal­en­ted Rafal! Love these pho­tos!

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