The above images are repro­duc­tions of the pho­to­graphs that were exhib­ited at my (Be)Longing show in 2011, which I wrote about in this art­icle. They are dis­played above in the order sim­il­ar to how they were shown in the museum. These pho­to­graphs are no longer avail­able for pur­chase, how­ever, please see the new ones in my cur­rent work gal­lery.

My book, (Be)Longing, con­tains repro­duc­tions of these twenty-four of my pho­to­graphs of the American Southwest. They focus on a feel­ing of a long­ing to belong to the beauty and serenity of oth­er­wise very for­bid­ding, deser­ted, and strange land­scapes.

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18 Responses to Belonging

  1. Naomi Brosnan ·

    The con­trast that I see here is strong, shows won­der­ful
    detail and trans­lates beau­ti­fully onto the screen. I am impressed
    with your detail and hon­esty through­out. May your exhib­i­tion be a
    resound­ing suc­cess, which I am sure it will be. There is always a
    demand for such qual­ity, such arid beauty. I must say I love your
    bio photo, all pho­to­graph­ers are con­tor­tion­ists. You wear it well

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Thank you, Naomi. It is an hon­our to hear these words from such an accom­plished artist as you. I love your paint­ings, and their col­our often feels so very much at home for me.

  2. Steve ·

    Wishing you the very best with the exhib­i­tion. Photographs
    are fabulous.Very pro­fes­sion­ally thought out web­site, loved the
    fea­ture on the web­site to darken the screen. Sorry I cant be there.
    Good luck with the show. You deserve it!

  3. zoe ·

    wow, wow, wow Raf. each photo is bet­ter thab the last. we
    are all so proud of you. really wish that i could come but all my
    love is with you. good luck..zoe

  4. Kasia J. ·

    Gratuluję Ci odwagi oraz nies­am­ow­it­ego uporu w dążeniu do celu. Efekt jest powala­jący. Do mnie przemówiły najsil­niej abstrak­cje. Nie mogę się doczekać oglądania na żywo …

  5. Olek Mirek ·

    Ekstra zdję­cia.
    Czarno biała tech­nika oraz brak jakiekolwiek ruchu umieszcza je poz cza­sem.

    pozdrawiam z Krakowa

    • Rafał Łukawiecki ·

      Kasiu, Olku: dziękuję Wam za ser­deczne słowa. Zapraszam na wys­tawę, póki otwarta, do 6 marca. Fotografie, na żywo, wygląda­ją dużo lepiej niż na mon­it­orze.

  6. Venetia ·

    Rafal, I am happy that you found a way to express your creative/artistic self! This was no sur­prise … I knew that it was a mat­ter of time…

    (Be)Longing” is very rep­res­ent­at­ive of you and your work. I love “rock form­a­tion”, and I am very sens­it­ive to “trees” and their sym­bol­ism. Therefore, I feel these pho­tos very close to my heart with no. 16 on top of the list.

    I have the feel­ing that this is just the begin­ning of new ways of express­ing your­self & inspir­ing through art, per­form­ance and who knows what else ……. You have a gift! ENJOY it !!!

  7. Lara ·

    This is lovely… great start. I par­tic­u­larly liked the abstract shapes and tex­tures drawn out of the broad land­scapes.
    Hope you will want to take some shots in the Everglades soon ?

    All the best!

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Thank you, Lara, Venetia, Zoe, and Steve. I am hop­ing to go to many oth­er parts of the world with my large format cam­era, and Everglades are very high on my list. I would like to show the fam­ous sea of grass and reeds in an abstract way.

  8. Malcolm John Clapson ·

    Dear Mr. Lukawiecki.

    I was totally absorbed upon arrival to your pho­to­graph­ic web site to look at these incred­ible images.

    They remind me of a won­der­ful trip I took 15 years ago with a very good friend. It was a voy­age of dis­cov­ery.

    Of course it’s hard to inter­pret the inten­tion or thought behind an artist’s work but I do acknow­ledge your voy­age, the free­dom of your thought and accept­ance, even curi­os­ity, of the nat­ur­al flow of these great and for­mid­able land­scapes

    Your lens activ­a­tion is truly inspir­ing. I’ve book­marked your page and will return.

    Mr. Malcolm J. Zach Clapson

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Dear Mr Clapson,

      Thank you, ever so much, for your appre­ci­ation. I hope to be able to con­tin­ue inter­pret­ing those land­scapes for a long time to come, there is an infin­ity of form in them.

  9. Christer Kjellström ·

    Thank you for shar­ing those beau­ti­ful pic­tures. They make me think of Hasselblad and the Hasselblad centre at Göteborg Konstmuseum!


  10. Vanessa ·

    Your pho­to­graphy is amaz­ing, beau­ti­ful and full of life! Really hope you’ll have an exhib­i­tion here in Ireland! Congratulations!

  11. Alexander ·

    It is a fantasy! Excellently!

  12. Markku Wallin ·

    It was a real pleas­ure to meet you today in Dipoli, Espoo, Finland. I am sure that you would enjoy pho­to­graph­ing ice-age formed rocks and the arch­opelago!
    Best wishes
    markku wal­lin

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