The above images are repro­duc­tions of the pho­to­graphs that were exhib­ited at my (Be)Longing show in 2011, which I wrote about in this art­icle. They are dis­played above in the order sim­il­ar to how they were shown in the museum. These pho­to­graphs are no longer avail­able for pur­chase, how­ever, please see the new ones in my cur­rent work gal­lery.

My book, (Be)Longing, con­tains repro­duc­tions of these twenty-four of my pho­to­graphs of the American Southwest. They focus on a feel­ing of a long­ing to belong to the beauty and serenity of oth­er­wise very for­bid­ding, deser­ted, and strange landscapes.

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