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It's All About the Print

Perhaps I am old-fash­ioned, but I think a phys­ic­al print, some­thing tan­gible, that you can put on a wall, gift to someone, handle, or just share with friends, is a more power­ful form of visu­al art than an eph­em­er­al digit­al file, or a slide show.

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Photographing Slot Canyons

I have just com­pleted my third trip to the slot canyons of the American Southwest. It is a breath­tak­ing place, some­what chal­len­ging tech­nic­ally, extremely reward­ing, and a sort of a spir­itu­al exper­i­ence. I would like to share a few thoughts about that place, about my pho­to­graph­ic tech­nique, and about the feel­ing of being there.


How to Print a (Traditional) Book of Black-and-White Photographs?

My exhib­i­tion, (Be)Longing, has closed, but the book of the same title is here to remain. I’d like to share a few thoughts about the pro­cess, and the people, who helped me get it printed.

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Large Format Photography Takes Time

Large format pho­to­graphy requires excep­tion­al tech­nic­al pre­par­a­tion and the pro­cess of mak­ing prints takes a lot of work.

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Grayscale Monitor Calibration

To fully appre­ci­ate web repro­duc­tions of my sil­ver-gelat­in prints you must rely on your mon­it­or being adequately cal­ib­rated. To help you, I have cre­ated a simple gray­scale tool. It is very easy to use and you can do the adjust­ments in less than a minute.