The above images are reproductions of the photographs that were exhibited at my (Be)Longing show in 2011, which I wrote about in this article. They are displayed above in the order similar to how they were shown in the museum. These photographs are no longer available for purchase, however, please see the new ones in my current work gallery.

My book, (Be)Longing, contains reproductions of these twenty-four of my photographs of the American Southwest. They focus on a feeling of a longing to belong to the beauty and serenity of otherwise very forbidding, deserted, and strange landscapes.

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18 Responses to Belonging

  1. Naomi Brosnan ·

    The contrast that I see here is strong, shows wonderful
    detail and translates beautifully onto the screen. I am impressed
    with your detail and honesty throughout. May your exhibition be a
    resounding success, which I am sure it will be. There is always a
    demand for such quality, such arid beauty. I must say I love your
    bio photo, all photographers are contortionists. You wear it well

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Thank you, Naomi. It is an honour to hear these words from such an accomplished artist as you. I love your paintings, and their colour often feels so very much at home for me.

  2. Steve ·

    Wishing you the very best with the exhibition. Photographs
    are fabulous.Very professionally thought out website, loved the
    feature on the website to darken the screen. Sorry I cant be there.
    Good luck with the show. You deserve it!

  3. zoe ·

    wow, wow, wow Raf. each photo is better thab the last. we
    are all so proud of you. really wish that i could come but all my
    love is with you. good luck..zoe

  4. Kasia J. ·

    Gratuluję Ci odwagi oraz niesamowitego uporu w dążeniu do celu. Efekt jest powalający. Do mnie przemówiły najsilniej abstrakcje. Nie mogę się doczekać oglądania na żywo …

  5. Olek Mirek ·

    Ekstra zdjęcia.
    Czarno biała technika oraz brak jakiekolwiek ruchu umieszcza je poz czasem.

    pozdrawiam z Krakowa

    • Rafał Łukawiecki ·

      Kasiu, Olku: dziękuję Wam za serdeczne słowa. Zapraszam na wystawę, póki otwarta, do 6 marca. Fotografie, na żywo, wyglądają dużo lepiej niż na monitorze.

  6. Venetia ·

    Rafal, I am happy that you found a way to express your creative/artistic self! This was no surprise … I knew that it was a matter of time…

    “(Be)Longing” is very representative of you and your work. I love “rock formation”, and I am very sensitive to “trees” and their symbolism. Therefore, I feel these photos very close to my heart with no. 16 on top of the list.

    I have the feeling that this is just the beginning of new ways of expressing yourself & inspiring through art, performance and who knows what else ……. You have a gift! ENJOY it !!!

  7. Lara ·

    This is lovely… great start. I particularly liked the abstract shapes and textures drawn out of the broad landscapes.
    Hope you will want to take some shots in the Everglades soon ?

    All the best!

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Thank you, Lara, Venetia, Zoe, and Steve. I am hoping to go to many other parts of the world with my large format camera, and Everglades are very high on my list. I would like to show the famous sea of grass and reeds in an abstract way.

  8. Malcolm John Clapson ·

    Dear Mr. Lukawiecki.

    I was totally absorbed upon arrival to your photographic web site to look at these incredible images.

    They remind me of a wonderful trip I took 15 years ago with a very good friend. It was a voyage of discovery.

    Of course it’s hard to interpret the intention or thought behind an artist’s work but I do acknowledge your voyage, the freedom of your thought and acceptance, even curiosity, of the natural flow of these great and formidable landscapes

    Your lens activation is truly inspiring. I’ve bookmarked your page and will return.

    Mr. Malcolm J. Zach Clapson

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Dear Mr Clapson,

      Thank you, ever so much, for your appreciation. I hope to be able to continue interpreting those landscapes for a long time to come, there is an infinity of form in them.

  9. Christer Kjellström ·

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. They make me think of Hasselblad and the Hasselblad centre at Göteborg Konstmuseum!


  10. Vanessa ·

    Your photography is amazing, beautiful and full of life! Really hope you’ll have an exhibition here in Ireland! Congratulations!

  11. Alexander ·

    It is a fantasy! Excellently!

  12. Markku Wallin ·

    It was a real pleasure to meet you today in Dipoli, Espoo, Finland. I am sure that you would enjoy photographing ice-age formed rocks and the archopelago!
    Best wishes
    markku wallin

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