Ansel Adams at 111

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3 odpowiedzi na „Ansel Adams at 111

  1. Stephanie S ·

    Well writ­ten, beau­ti­ful com­ment­ary on such a won­der­ful import­ant artist from a time becom­ing lost in a digit­al world. He inspires me as you do Rafal, to mas­ter this dif­fi­cult craft with love, dis­cip­line and hope to reach some­where close to the skill and abil­ity to teach an inter­ested audi­ence as Ansel Adams did and you have done for me! Happy 111! Always my thanks, Stephanie

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Thank you, Stephanie, for your kind words. Perhaps, one day, we have a chance to ful­fil our dreams. In the mean­time, I am enjoy­ing the jour­ney, very much.

  2. Jerry Bodine ·

    I know it’s been two years since you craf­ted this beau­ti­fully writ­ten piece, but I’m com­pelled to respond. I am feel­ing very blessed to have been able to par­ti­cip­ate in sev­er­al of Ansel’s work­shops from ’66 to ’71. From the first one, at which time I was a 35mm ‘snap­shoot­er’ of col­or slides, until the last, whereupon I’d embarked on large format black and white work, my respect for THE MAN grew immeas­ur­ably. I’ve since read nearly all the pub­lished work by him or writ­ten about him by those close to him in an attempt to learn what made him ‘tick’ and had to con­clude he was a geni­us. It sad­dens me to read occa­sion­al com­ments pos­ted on for­ums by those who dis­miss him as anti­quated and who do not appre­ci­ate his work — but that’s not MY world. I’ve learned much from him that has changed my life for the bet­ter, and I shall cher­ish all that for the rest of my days.

    My work has benefited more than I could have ima­gined. At the first of those work­shops I pur­chased two of his prints that res­on­ated with me and have hung them in my home, sur­roun­ded by my own work, after redec­or­at­ing in a way that com­ple­ments them. They’re nor for sale, rather inten­ded as a daily remind­er of the qual­ity I dream of attain­ing someday. Guests arrive and remark imme­di­ately “Wow — this looks like Ansel Adams!” I tell them a couple of them are. And their response is “Really? Which ones?” Makes my day. In a sim­il­ar vein I’m reminded of a state­ment made in the world of alpine climb­ing, “Man is at his best when reach­ing for some­thing just bey­ond his grasp.” So, thank you for your very eleg­ant words that brought warm memor­ies rush­ing to the fore.

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