Ansel Adams at 111

Przepraszam, ale ta strona jest jedynie dostępna w języku angielskim. Język można zmienić wybierając flagę, znajdującą się na samym dole strony. Jeżeli chcesz bym przetłumaczył tę stronę na polski, to proszę o kontakt i bardzo chętnie to zrobię! Rafał.

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3 odpowiedzi na „Ansel Adams at 111

  1. Stephanie S ·

    Well written, beautiful commentary on such a wonderful important artist from a time becoming lost in a digital world. He inspires me as you do Rafal, to master this difficult craft with love, discipline and hope to reach somewhere close to the skill and ability to teach an interested audience as Ansel Adams did and you have done for me! Happy 111! Always my thanks, Stephanie

    • Rafal Lukawiecki ·

      Thank you, Stephanie, for your kind words. Perhaps, one day, we have a chance to fulfil our dreams. In the meantime, I am enjoying the journey, very much.

  2. Jerry Bodine ·

    I know it’s been two years since you crafted this beautifully written piece, but I’m compelled to respond. I am feeling very blessed to have been able to participate in several of Ansel’s workshops from ’66 to ’71. From the first one, at which time I was a 35mm ‚snapshooter’ of color slides, until the last, whereupon I’d embarked on large format black and white work, my respect for THE MAN grew immeasurably. I’ve since read nearly all the published work by him or written about him by those close to him in an attempt to learn what made him ‚tick’ and had to conclude he was a genius. It saddens me to read occasional comments posted on forums by those who dismiss him as antiquated and who do not appreciate his work – but that’s not MY world. I’ve learned much from him that has changed my life for the better, and I shall cherish all that for the rest of my days.

    My work has benefited more than I could have imagined. At the first of those workshops I purchased two of his prints that resonated with me and have hung them in my home, surrounded by my own work, after redecorating in a way that complements them. They’re nor for sale, rather intended as a daily reminder of the quality I dream of attaining someday. Guests arrive and remark immediately „Wow – this looks like Ansel Adams!” I tell them a couple of them are. And their response is „Really? Which ones?” Makes my day. In a similar vein I’m reminded of a statement made in the world of alpine climbing, „Man is at his best when reaching for something just beyond his grasp.” So, thank you for your very elegant words that brought warm memories rushing to the fore.

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